Updatebuilder bug ?


I'm using the updatebuilder version to generate my inf file. But have noted a symbol in the first line the file the side of [update]. It's disable the update of my application. When I use the version this problem is gone. See the attachment. I'm using Delphi 7 Enterprise and Windows XP SP3. 

I need to edit the inf file with edit.exe to fix it.

My TWebUpdate version is


Thanks in advance

Antonio Carlos

It was extended to be able to work with Unicode text in the INF file, so what you see is the BOM. Unicode enabled versions of Delphi should have no issue with such Unicode .INF file.


When I use debug. I see the section [update]  is ignored. So then I fix it with edit.exe in cmd.

My enviroment is Delphi 7 Enterprise and Windows XP SP3. 

For use with Delphi 7,I would recommend to use UpdateBuilder as Delphi 7 cannot handle unicode.

Yes, I did it. I'm using the updateBuilder, it has solved the problem. Thanks for attention.