UpdateBuilder ANSI problem

After getting the latest update from UpdateBuilder, my updates could not be downloaded. After a little research, I understand that the WebUpdate component is waiting for an ANSI file, while the INF file that UpdateBuilder generates is encoded in UTF8, so it can not read anything from the downloaded INF file.

I use delphi 7 and the latest update of the tms components.

I understand this is indeed an issue with non-unicode enabled Delphi versions.
We'll look to make a new version of UpdateBuilder with which it will be possible to select whether to generate an ANSI or UTF8 update .INF file.

Of course, I hope you have it soon

That would indeed be very nice !
I have the same problem.
Any chance this will be done in the near future ?


Dirk Janssens.

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It is on our todolist to provide an option in UpdateBuilder to generate an ANSI .INF file or UTF8 .INF file.
There is not yet an exact date planned for this development though at this very moment.

Is it the case then that INF files created by the current version of UpdateBuilder (V2.1.0.0) cannot be read by WebUpdate in D2007 (non-unicode) apps? If so, it means that older versions of my D2007 app will not be able to be updated as the current versions use an INF file created by V2.1.0.0 of UpdateBuilder. However, presumably I can work round the issue by saving the UTF8 file as ANSI until a fix is available?

You can use a text editor and change the file format from UTF8 to ANSI or you can use an older version of UpdateBuilder that generates ANSI files

Thanks. The update always fails if the format of the INF file is 'UTF-8 with BOM' (with error: 'There is no update available'), but appears to succeed if the format is 'UTF-8' - which I can change to by using 'Save As' in Notepad in Windows Explorer. Probably safer to use an older version of UpdateBuilder as you suggest.