Unable to execute TMSWebServerManager.exe on new install Win 11

I have just installed TMS WEBCore (and FNC) on a new PC running windows 11. Everything compiles as it did on my old PC but when I try to run my WEBCore app I get

Any advice?

Is this TMSWebServerManager.exe found on your machine in this folder? Can you start it manually from Windows Explorer?
Is the default port 8000 already in use on your system?

Hi Bruno,

TMSWebServerManager is available on my machine. I can start it from the console with the same parameter list and then I can manually start the application by typing the URL in the browser. I do not think that the default port is already in use as I can run the program manually without issue.

Are you running the Delphi IDE from a different Windows user account that might have more limited permissions as the TMSWebServerManager is invoked from there?

No - I have full account permissions.

I have resolved the issue - the user folder name that Windows 11 chose for me was "Mark Fairlamb" but the space causes an issue for TMSWebServerManager (and I discovered for my own software as Delphi parses this as two parameters :frowning:

So I have changed the name of my user folder (not so easy!) to have no spaces and now it is able to execute TMSWebServerManager. [I also installed WebCore 2.0 but I think the account home folder name change was the thing that fixed it.]

Strange, as my own user folder here is "Bruno Fierens" where I always run this.
Would double quotes around the path help?

I am not sure about that - I cannot test it as I have changed my user folder name to just "fairlamb" and it requires a reinstall of too many things - I am happy that it is not functioning as before :-)

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