Launch WebCore App from exe

i try to launch WebCore App (2.5) not from Delphi 11.3 but from Exe inside Win32\Debug directory. Chrome opens the URL http://localhost:8000/UserManager/UserManager.html but fails to show the IHM
Yet the URL is declared in Http.Sys
What's wrong ?

It is not meant to use this EXE for launching the web app.
Try starting the TMSDebugWebServer and then access the web app from the browser directly (which is what the IDE also should do automatically to start the app)

Hi Bruno,
usually i use the IDE to launch Web Core App and it works. So how can i start the TMSDebugWebServer ? (i don't find how to do it)

It is in the bin\win32 subfolder of your TMS WEB Core install

Thank you Bruno. I found the executable TMSWebServer. After starting it (by double-cliking), adding Base Url and Root Dir it works fine

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