Corrupted download for components pack

Hi all, 

I'm trying since yesterday to download the latest component pack version ( but I 've got a file of 63.9MB instead of 77.02MB. It's the second attempt this morning and still the same issue.
If I try to unzip the archive, 7z and Winrar are not able to open it.
As there is the security limitation of 1 download per day, it's quite complicated if you have a corrupted file to retry the download.

anyone has the same issue?

Sylvain Rusterholtz

The download counter has been reset. You should be able to download again.
If you encounter any issue, you can always contact us to reset it. 

I'd suggest to delete all downloaded files and retry the download or try to download on a different machine. Please make sure there is no firewall or antivirus software interfering with the internet connection while downloading. 


I have the same problem. 
After 1 or 2 mb the download stops and reports it's complete, but it isn't.


Ronald Siekman

make sure there is no antivirus, proxy, websecurity tool that could block
downloads from or domains