TWebUpdate http download fails for some file types

I am not sure if I am missing some form of setting, but when trying to set up an auto-update process to download support files it seems to work for some file types, but not for others. This is an update through http. 

We have a custom binary support file I wish to make available for update. The file extension is not that important right now, but I was trying with *.ersf or *.rsf. After a few hours of head scratching (TWebUpdate stuff usually just seems to work, though most of what we have done has been through ftp) I finally decided to try simply renaming the file to *.txt (even though it isn't), and the download then works like a charm.

So it would appear that there is some form of file filtering based on the extension. I am trying to work out whether this is a Microsoft thing, and http thing, or a TWebUpdate thing. I really would like to stick with the http route, as ftp is hard to get our company to allow. 

I also really would prefer not to have to go the route of false naming files and renaming later, as it removes some of the elegance of doing most of this through the TWebUpdate *.inf file.

Any help gratefully accepted.

Did you try to download these files with a browser?

If this doesn't work, you need to check the supported MIME types of your web server.
This is not a TWebUpdate problem but a server config issue.


Thanks for the quick reply. Yes I had tried in a browser and it came up with file not found. So that sounds fairly conclusive. I thought you would likely be able to clear this up quickly, and I definitely thought that TWebUpdate being the problem was the LEAST likely. 

I will have to have a look at it. The web server is a very old IIS instance running on a Server2003 VM somewhere. I had peeked at the Mime types, and there was almost nothing there. The thing that threw me off track was that txt was also not mentioned there, but I guess this must just be a default..


Thanks. I am now able to get the files downloading properly. 

Excellent support as always.