TWebUpdate http fails


I'm trying to update my application using TWebUpdate.
When I use ftp, it works fine, but when using http, it fails.
It can read the inf file but when it needs to download the update file, the url seems to contain only the filename and not the complete url.
What am I doing wrong here?

This it the output of the log file:

03/04/2018 20:54:02 : [918] Checking for Internet connection (Status:3) (Error:0)
03/04/2018 20:54:02 : [921] Found open Internet connection (Status:3) (Error:0)
03/04/2018 20:54:02 : [915] Download : (Status:3) (Error:0)
03/04/2018 20:54:03 : [926] Update control file found (Status:3) (Error:0)
03/04/2018 20:54:03 : [943] Found file update instruction (Status:3) (Error:0)
03/04/2018 20:54:03 : [971] Processing file : CrmObjects.exe_NEW[CrmObjects.exe,nv=,nd=,ns=0,nc=-1] (Status:0) (Error:0)
03/04/2018 20:54:03 : [979] Check versions (Status:3) (Error:0)
03/04/2018 20:54:04 : [915] Download : CrmObjects.exe_NEW (Status:3) (Error:0)
03/04/2018 20:54:04 : [976] System error : The URL does not use a recognized protocol
 (Status:1) (Error:12006)
03/04/2018 20:54:04 : [917] File not found : CrmObjects.exe_NEW (Status:2) (Error:1)
03/04/2018 20:54:04 : [946] Cannot download update file : CrmObjects.exe_NEW (Status:2) (Error:9)
03/04/2018 20:54:05 : [949] Closed Internet connection (Status:3) (Error:0)
03/04/2018 20:54:05 : [949] Closed Internet connection (Status:3) (Error:0)
03/04/2018 20:54:05 : [949] Closed Internet connection (Status:3) (Error:0)

When I look at URL:  directly from the browser

the content appears to be empty ?


strange, I see content when I go the file.
This is the content I see in firefox.
Caching problem maybe?



i think i found the problem.
I created the inf file with the updatebuilder.
In the inf file created with the updatebuilder it was specified like this:


my mistake, should have read the manual of the update builder...
Trying to be to fast...


Yes that should be it.

If you set BaseURL in UpdateBuilder though, it should use it to prefix filename and when you have multiple files, you only need to specify it once. That could also help.