TWebUpdate how to use

I have tried this component over several years, but never had any success. Today I tried again, and of course without any luck. Could you please make it more user friendly :slight_smile:

My program can detect if there is a new version (file based) but when trying to download the new file download fails.

I use http based updates, but when building the INF file I get an error:

[Informational message] [08.02.2023 18:56:26] : Building Project...
[Informational message] [08.02.2023 18:56:26] : Verifying Valid INF file
[Error message] [08.02.2023 18:56:26] : FTP Host is empty
[Error message] [08.02.2023 18:56:26] : Project has Build errors

But I don't use Ftp, I use Http.

Updatebuilder...Global Settings...Upload, "HTTP base URL" Is this correct?

I don't understand the Updatebuilder...Global Settings...Upload page so I build the INF file and copy it to my remote server using remote desktop software.

As you can understand from my questions I don't get TWebUpdate/UpdateBuilder at all.

Is there a detailed example showing in detail how to build a HTTP based update? ( I have read the Developer Guide and Quick Start Guide)

This is the INF file on the server

descr=Dr-Økonomi oppdateres med de siste endringene.


url=C:\Programmering\DR-Økonomi\Ny versjon/Drf.exe_NEW
descr=DR-Økonomi programfil


What should this url point to? Currently it's pointing to the location on my local pc Should it be the server containing the updated file? If so, what is the correct url? or C:\local_file_path?

Did you set WebUpdate.UpdateType = httpUpdate?

It looks from your error this is set to ftpUpdate.

Yes, UpdateType is set to httpUpdate.

If I in a browser try to dowload from the remote server with it dowloads ok. If I try the same with myprogramfile.exe_NEW it fails with a 404 error.

The server is an old Windows R2008 server with an old version of IIS, could it be it don't understand the filename?

Is there some way to save the file in the UpdateBuilder as myprogramfileNEW.exe?

You might have to add that as supported MIME type in IIS

Thanks, that was the problem. It now works great.

It should be mentioned in the documentation, it would have saved me several hours of testing/work.

Kind regards,

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