I'm using TWebUpdate since several months and now updated to the recent Version of the component some hrs ago. Now, some procedures are "not behaving like before" and this is creating me some issues.

a) webupdate.IsUpdateAvailable
is returning "FALSE" even if an Update is available (according defintions of the *.inf file)

b) a) webupdate.CurVersionInfo
is returning me " " instead of Version x.x.x.x

b) a) webupdate.NewVersionInfo
is returning me " " instead of Version x.x.x.x

is there something i have to regard using the recent component Version ?

br Martin

PS: Logfile is telling me that my Connection to the *.inf is fine etc
25.02.2016 21:33:20 : [918] Checking for Internet connection (Status:3) (Error:0)
25.02.2016 21:33:20 : [921] Found open Internet connection (Status:3) (Error:0)
25.02.2016 21:33:20 : [915] Download : http://www.xxx/xxx.inf (Status:3) (Error:0)
25.02.2016 21:33:20 : [926] Update control file found (Status:3) (Error:0)
25.02.2016 21:33:20 : [933] Version based update found (Status:3) (Error:0)
25.02.2016 21:33:20 : [930] No new version found (Status:4) (Error:0)
25.02.2016 21:33:20 : [949] Closed Internet connection (Status:3) (Error:0)
25.02.2016 21:33:20 : [949] Closed Internet connection (Status:3) (Error:0)

It would appear TWebUpdate isn't getting the .INF file content correct.
Are you sure there isn't a firewall / antivirus / proxy interfering that causes that the .INF file is not returned correct to TWebUpdate?

Hi Bruno
  • no Firewall and No Proxy
- concerning Antivirus: installed "Kaspersky" some weeks ago.
but it doesn't seem to generate issues (no error Messages, warnings etc)
How can i check that?
...also, for my users... the update has to work even if they have an antvirus software running on their machines

br Martin

Did you check with turning the antivirus off?

We cannot make guarantees that code that needs an internet connection will keep working when an antivirus is active. If our component would be able to circumvent limitations imposed by anti-virus software, this would mean a virus writer can do this too, resulting that the anti-virus would be useless.
It happened here in our office last week that McAfee prevented Google Chrome to install for example.

Hello Bruno
WebUpdate from the older used TMS ComPack (
- w or W/o anti-Virustool : works ok (.IsUpdateAvailable ,  .CurVersionInfo, .NewVersionInfo)

WebUpdate from the recent TMS ComPack (v8.1.2.0 release Feb 16, 2016)
- w or W/o anti-Virustool both returns FALSE / ''

br Martin

Hello again Bruno
this is what i got logging directly the "StatusStr" results from the event "WebUpdate1Status"

Checking for Internet connection
Found open Internet connection
Download : http://www.xxxxx.de/WU_xxx.inf
Update control file found
Version based update found
No new version found
Closed Internet connection
Closed Internet connection

this is the routines i called
  WebUpdate1.Logging := True;
  VersionNrWeb                := webupdate1.NewVersionInfo;
  VersionNrThisPC             := webupdate1.CurVersionInfo;
  IsUpdateAvailable           := WebUpdate1.NewVersionAvailable;
  WebUpdate1.Logging := False;

i think this doesn not really indicate a problem on my side or does it ?
....hope this helps finding out the cause for my problem


and... last but not least.. the content of my *.inf


br Martin

The most likely reason to deduce from this sequence of events is that the local EXE file is not found. Can you make sure that you call WebUpdate.NewVersionAvailable(TRUE) or WebUpdate.DoUpdate(TRUE) ?

Hello Bruno
Yes ! this was the reason and after adding an (True) to WebUpdate.NewVersionAvailable everything works fine again, including .NewVersionInfo and .CurVersionInfo now reutening the correct values

As i didn't find this in the developers guide....What functionality does the "true" add to the function WebUpdate.NewVersionAvailable ?

br Martin

When using the parameter InitPath = true, this will force the application current directory to the directory where the .EXE file is located.

Thx a lot Bruno

i really appreciated your quick and "straight to the point" help.

br Martin