TWebUpdate and admin privileges


We use TWebUpdate to update our application from localnetwork shared folder. Exe file is locate on directory where any use have read-write privileges. Unfortunatel, during update process system ask user about admin privileges. How to check witch privileges system need to update files? Why system ask to admin login and password and don't need it to exctract file from cab to destination folder? Is any way to disabled this "protect" on TWebUpdate components?
This situation has place only on windows Vista/ 7

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TWebUpdate spawned updater is by designed configured for UAC, i.e. it will prompt as most typically it should have access to \Program Files which requires admin privileges.
If you have the latest version v2.2, you can turn this off by removing the line


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We have a TMS Component pack, can I download only TWebUpdate in 2.2. version?

v2.2 is included in TMS Component Pack v6.1

But sometimes you need to have admin privileges to subdirectory of Program Files sometimes not.  For example if you set the permissions for Full Access to group Everyone to some subdirectory you can copy files freely there, without requiring to elevate privileges.

I think TWebUpdate should behave exactly like Windows Explorer does - it only asks to elevate privileges when it really needs it -  if you drag and drop some file to Program Files it asks for admin password, if you drag and drop to some subdirectory with full permissions for everyone it doesn't ask for elevated privileges. Exactly like that behaves for example Total Commander.

Can it be done with TWebUpdate?