TWebUpdate changes user login to admin rights?

I only have this third hand from a technician working on a network that has one of my programs installed on a win 8.1 client so bear with me.

Apparently when TwebUpdate updates my program it elevates the users rights to admin (presumably so that its allowed to write to c:\program files (x86))  but then does not reduce their rights again. He told me that after doing an update my program was running with admin privilages whereas before the update it correctly only had user privilages.

Is this likely?

As far as I remember I haven't explicitly asked for any change in rights as once I got Twebupdate working correctly with a program years ago I simply use the same unit in all my programs, and just change the name of the program, prompt texts and folder on the server where the update can be found..

If you use the auto-restart option, that is the case (and due to the nature of how UAC works).
If this is critical, turn off the auto-restart function.