TWebUpdate requires administrator access

I have a TWebUpdate that update local installs on my clients network PC's from a server on their network.

It all works great, except that the user who launches the app when there is a update is required by Windows to be a local administrator on that PC. The user has all permission to the folder where the exe is stored.

Is there a way to prevent the updater from requiring administrator level access?

UAC prompt is necessary for replacing files in special folders like
\Program Files. If you do not want this, the only solution is to avoid installing under \Program Files and recompile WebUpdate without UAC.
You’ll need the latest version of TWebUpdate for this and remove the line {$DEFINE USEUAC} in WUPDATE.PAS

Thank you Nancy. I just found the reference to that in the FAQ too. As a side note, it's not mentioned in the Product Manual.

I'm not sure I understand what would be the benefits of having UAC enabled - what are the pros and cons?

The UAC is not a pro or con, it is simply mandatory from Windows Vista or newer operating systems to replace a file in the protected \Program Files\xxxx folder.

So, if your application is installed under \Program Files, it is required to UAC if you want TWebUpdate to replace a file in this folder. If your application is guaranteed to be installed in an unprotected Windows folder, you can remove the need for UAC (done via the conditional define as explained)