TwebUpdate needs admin permissions with win 8.1

Sorry about two posts but I couldn't write any body to the first one for some reason.

As you can tell from my posts I am having a lot of trouble with users on networks that have upgraded to Windows 8.1 (or 10 in some cases) I know Bruno is going to say "we are not aware of any problems.." but they exist.

The latest issue is in a school network where the clients are running Win 8.1 Here the new version gets downloaded from the internet but at the point when you try to restart the application a message pops up asking for an admin password. The logs seem to suggest its when it tries to run wusetup with a parameter.

Is ther anything that can be done about this? The update proceeds OK if an admin logon is given but that can't happen when 50 staff each have their own copy of my application

Incidentally we even tried installing my app in a sub folder of the 'my documents' folder (by which I mean the win 8.1 equivalent name) That needed admin rights as expected but the admin logon request also popped up when that peogram tried to update so its nothing to do with writing to program files(86x) as the user shoul dhave been able to write to their own documents folder

It is normal & by design that wusetup.exe requests admin rights. \Program Files is a folder with limited user rights and the only way to overwrite a file in this folder is by elevating to admin rights. wusetup.exe is designed for this. If you do not want this, you cannot deploy to \Program Files. If you can deploy to another folder, then turn off UAC by removing the line

in WUPDATE.PAS and recompile the app.

Thank you Bruno.
Just so I am clear on what needs to be done though.

My choices for all my users who may have upgraded to Win 8.1 or
higher are:

1) I have to recompile my application with UAC
turned off, create a new setup file and distribute that somehow to every
user. Then I must tell all these users, (who have presumably installed
the application in the default Program Files folder), that they must
uninstall it from there and reinstall my application again somewhere
else, being careful not to choose the default, Program Files, location.


time I upload an update to my program each of my users users have to
find a technician with admin rights on their network and ask them to
allow the update to go ahead.

Would it be a good idea to mention this caveat on the TMS web page? i.e. TWebUpdate will only work in most modern networked environments so long as the application is not installed in the same place where all other programs are probably installed or if you don't mind finding an admin user each time it updates.

Your choices are correct.

About the caveat, well, this isn't really a TWebUpdate caveat, this is a security feature of the Windows operating system.

Thanks Bruno, at least I now know how to proceed.

Hi All - just spotted this thread.

I think the issue could be to do with logging. I switched off logging and it works here without issues. Logging saves to the same folder as the application. Ideally, for later versions of windows it should save to a folder in the app data folder.

Dave Craggs

There was indeed an issue with logging that affected this in Windows 10 but this issue was solved in TWebUpdate v2.2.12.2

Ah - I have Will see about updating.



Hmm - where is TWebUpdate?

OK - it's in the component pack.