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Hi there

When I run TWebUpdate to update my exe in the C:\Program File (x86), everything runs perfectly well.  However, the new exe runs in the security context of the Administrator, not the Standard User.

Is it possible to force the newly loaded exe to run as Standard User?

Steps :
1.  Log onto PC as Standard User
2.  Run Project1.exe which is loaded in C:\Program Files (x86)
3.  Project1.exe finds a new version and starts updating
4.  When prompted, enter Administrator credentials
5.  Project1.exe terminate and reloads
6.  Reloaded Project1.exe now runs

The reloaded Project1.exe is running under Admin credentials.  I need it running under Standard credentials.

Is this possible?



Admin privileges are required to be able to update files under c:\program files (x86)\ as this is a protected folder in Windows. So, the TWebUpdate will always try to elevate to admin privileges.
If your application is not installed under c:\program files (x86), you can use TWebUpdate without this UAC. To do this, remove the line


in WUPDATE.PAS and recompile your application.
Bruno, I think you miss understand.

The internal updater ie wusetup.exe / wurepl.exe, reloads the new version of the exe using Admin credentials. 
Is it not possible, that after the exe has been overwrote with the newer version, it loads the exe as Current Logged On User credentials, ie the credentials (token) used when the whole process was started.

Checking the source code in upd.dpr ("UPD project for TWebUpdate") I see it uses WinExec.  Could it be possible to use CreateProcess with Current Logged On User token etc

It is far more complex. We'll need to investigate.

thank you

File does not exist in my installation

The file is part of the self-signing spawned updater kit.

Sorry I did not understand! My installer is licensed. Where can I get this kit?

My problem is that I am not finding the file "wupdate.pas" because I need to disable the WINDOWS OS UAC check.

The source code wupdate.pas is included in the registered version of the product.
Bruno Fierens2019-02-28 15:33:04

I think you still do not understand .... my version is REGISTERED!

Product page
Registered company --
Registered developer Automa??
Registration code B348016A
Purchase date 29/11/2017
Purchase version 3.8
Continuing ... even with the registered version installer wupdate.pas is not found in the folder.

The only files that exist are; .dcu and .res

That means in this case you are not using the registered version but a trial version.
The registered version download is found after login on our website under "Account" / "My Products".

Mr. I already did this, I entered the site with my account, my products, I select the product and I click on the download link.
Maybe you there who have not updated LINK correctly and are downloading the wrong version.
If it is not the registered version then why in the installation it asks for my email and registration code?
Kindness needs a resolution of this problem.


What exact product do you download?

I searched on your name and could only find a purchase  of
TMS Cloud Pack
TMS Data Modeler and not a purchase for TMS TWebUpdate