TWebSQLRestClientDataset & TWebSQLRestConnection

Any change to see these two components in future? In Delphi and Lazarus these components have pretty complex editors.

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Good suggestion and is being considered for a future version.

Thank you for considering.

Correct me if I'm wrong - these components are the only possibility (in TMS Web Core for Lazarus/Delphi) to connect to database REST services in case I'm not using TMS XData or Embacadero RAD Server?

This heavily depends on what your backend is and how you want to do the coding in your application. You should normally be able to communicate to your backend with a TWebHTTPRequest already.TWebRESTClient just wraps some extra functionality that could have been handled at application level as well.
There are users who just use TWebHTTPRequest with a PHP backend for example.


is it part of the upcoming Web Core VSC Version 1.2?

Focus for v1.2 is pas2js 2.0 compiler + RTL integration.
New framework features will be after 1.2.

Any progress concerning this topic?

Sorry, we could not devote time & resources to this yet. It is on our todolist.

Thank you for letting me know thats on your todo list. I know you and your team are busy :)

Any news on this? Maybe for TMSWEBCore VSC 2.0 ?