Custom editor for TWebDBGrid

HI, is possibile to use a custom editor for input data in columns? (TWebDBGrid)
I need to use a specialized editor for edit data, or TWebDBlookupCombobox, or TWebDBEditDropdownControl or TWebDBEditDropDownTAbleControl.
Is it possible that no one needs to enter data into the grid in an advanced way?
How can I use an existing TMSWebCore editor tyoe in a TWebDbgrid?
A thousand thanks

At this moment, there is no built-in support for this.
We will consider this for a future update.

Thanks Bruno.
Is it possible to know what are the planned features that will be introduced in TMSWebcore in the near future (one year, for example)?
It is a VERY powerful and elastic product, but it lacks the necessary components and elements to port a robust VCL web application (for ex. with Devexpress or TMS UI) to the web using SEARCH (and filter) and the Direct CRUD in dbgrids.
Without these features (easy for you to implement by the way) all input has to be handled separately and cannot be "multirecords".
Unfortunately there are applications that require fast input line by line (large invoices, for example) and you are forced to change the logic.
Or to try external Javascript components.
A real shame for a really powerful and innovative tools. Quite an elastic product (except for the "db" world right now :-) Let's hope this aspect is boosted. We are available for any suggestions or tests)

Please understand that we share publicly about upcoming features at the time we are sure for its delivery. Ongoing work is happening in several areas: new & improved components, IDE integration, backend communication...

Ok Bruno,
I hope to soon see the features we need to develop powerful web applications such as those that have allowed us in Delphi VCL to "resist" 30 years in the accounting/tax field, and which could return to the desktop using Miletus (it is preparing an iOS/Android version?).
Good job Bruno

We are working on several areas.
It remains useful to post feature requests so we can give the correct priorities.