TMS Web Core on Lazarus


I'm trying to run TMS Web Core (latest version - RSXE14) on Lazarus 2.2.6 (Windows) following the guidelines found at TMS Software | Blog

When rebuilding Lazarus I get an error:
WEBLib.Forms.pas(317,65) Error: Identifier not found "JSValue"

Any ideas ?


We have fixed this. The next update will address this.

Thanks Bruno !

Is there meanwhile any change I can do in code to fix this (add a uses or so) ?

Add in uses list for WEBLib.Forms for target Lazarus the unit jsdelphisystem

Thanks Bruno, this solved the indicated issue, but

  • now I get an error on [async] in WebLib.REST: WEBLib.REST.pas(163,6) Fatal: Syntax error, "]" expected but "identifier ASYNC" found
    I put the directive in comment and then got

  • WEBLib.FirestoreCDS.pas(56,28) Error: Identifier not found "TClientDataSet"
    and WEBLib.FirestoreCDS.pas(56,42) Error: class type expected, but got ""

I guess it is better to await the new version ?

That will be more convenient. We plan an update this week.