Lazarus, TMS WEB Core and TMiletusFirebirdDBDriver demo

I'm trying to find a minimal example of using TMiletusFirebirdDBDriver.

Could you please send me a minimal example.

It says here: "No need here to create a REST API interface,"


What do you mean by a minimal example?

Do you already have a server and a database along with the necessary shared libraries for connection specific to your system?

We cannot setup the database and the connection for you, but you should be able to reuse the ToDoList demo project that is using the TMiletusSQLiteDBDriver. You can change TMiletusSQLiteDBDriver to a TMiletusFirebirdDBDriver and fill in the connection details.

For example if you are hosting the Firebird server locally then set the DataBase property to the path to your FDB. Make sure to fill in other necessary properties such as Username and Password or Server and Port if applicable.

Of course this requires you to have a tasks table with the same fields as the demo (but feel free to change the demo to your liking, this is why it exists).

Thank you,
this example is for Delphi, I will try to use it for Lazarus as well

I'm trying to do something with Miletus.

Can a minimal example of using TMiletusINIFile
for Lazarus

It should be identical to the Delphi code.

//To write something to the INI file
procedure TForm1.WebButton1Click(Sender: TObject);
  ini: TMiletusINIFile;
  ini := TMiletusINIFile.Create('path_to_your_file.ini');
    ini.WriteString('MySection', 'MyID', 'MyValue');

//To read something from the INI file
procedure TForm1.WebButton2Click(Sender: TObject);
  ini: TMiletusINIFile;
  str: string;
  ini := TMiletusINIFile.Create('path_to_your_file.inii');
    str := TAwait.ExecP<string>(ini.ReadString('MySection', 'MyID', ''));

Sorry, there had been a misunderstanding.
Miletus is currently not officially supported for Lazarus and there are no short-term plans to add support for it.

It would mean that the version for Lazarus is not the same as the version for Delphi, and that the version of TMS WEB Core 2.0.0 for Lazarus is below version TMS WEB Core 1.7

With respect to Miletus, it is indeed not the same in the sense that Miletus isn't integrated at IDE level in Lazarus.
It is integrated at IDE level in TMS WEB Core for Delphi and in TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code.
There was so far no demand for Miletus in Lazarus, so we put priorities of our limited resources in other areas.

Exception Exception in module Miletus at 0000000000C75DEA.
Resource TMS.Web.Miletus.Resource.json not found.

Would love to use it on Lazarus
Please Miletus in Lazarus

With sufficient demand, we'll devote resources to this.

I need miletus communication with firebird, and that is part of the package.
TMS WEB Core has support for lazarus and Miletus is part of the package

"The TMS WEB Core framework will be at the same level as TMS WEB Core v1.7 for Delphi & Lazarus. The only feature that will not yet be included in TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code v1.3 is Miletus support. "