Error add TWebCheckBox TWC v2.3.6828

Hello, when I add a TWebCheckBox in a Webform, an exception is thrown. I used VSC 1.84 and TMS WEB Core v2.3.6828.

Hello, we are reviewing the issue, we can reproduce it and we are investigating a fix. Thanks for reporting!!

Hello, any predictions for the reported problem?

Problem is something underlying in the pas2js compiler. It was reported but we've not heard about progress. We'll check whether to wait for a fix from the pas2js team or find a workaround.

I understand Bruno and thank you for your attention. But in this case, what would be the best version of TMS Web Core VS Code to launch our project into more stable production?

We applied a workaround. We'll release an update asap with this workaround.

Thank you for your attention Bruno. What our team is worried about is that we noticed that there are faster updates for TMS WEB Core for Delphi, and VSCode ends up not receiving them at the same speed. We are betting our projects and trusting in TMS WEB Core for VSCode. It would be interesting to give us the framework roadmap for this IDE, or if with the same license in the future we can migrate the code to Delphi. Thank you in advance for your attention and congratulations on the great work.

The TMS WEB Core framework in Delphi and in Visual Studio Code are the same and will continue to be the same. We just can't develop / test / release 2 products every time on the same day. Both products will continue to evolve and we continue to work on both. At this moment, new development here is still done in Delphi and after it is ready in Delphi, we bring these framework improvements to Visual Studio Code. So, there will always be somewhat delay. It just always needs an unavoidable time here to bring and test the updated framework to another IDE. Other than this, there isn't anything to worry about.

For now problem resolved with v2.3.7018, thank you very much for your personal attention. Keep up the great work, we trust you a lot!

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