TWebPopupMenu lacking most events in Delphi version

Using Delphi 11.2 Patch1 and TMS Web Core

When using the TWebPopupMenu component in Delphi, I only see 5 events:

In VSCode, I see also events "OnMousexxx", "OnKeyxxx" etc.

Bug or feature? How can I react to a "mouse enter" of a menu item (in VSCode it works, but in Delphi?)

It is rather a side effect of the class hierarchy that OnMouseXXX, OnKeyXXX events appears in TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code.
The design for TWebPopupMenu is based on its VCL counterpart TPopupMenu that also has no OnMouseXXX, OnKeyXXX events. So, we'd rather look to hide the base class unused events for TWebPopupMenu in TMS WEB Core VSC.

OK, thanks for the explanation.
Addtional issue: When I assign the "OnPopup" event to an event procedure, it compiles, but when running, the browser gives an error message:

We could see this issue and have investigated & fixed this.
v2.1 will address this.