Miletus - TMiletusPopupMenu problems


  1. Why can't I connect the popup menu to the form ?
    I can't see the PopupMenu in the form object property.
  2. When I try to add TMiletusPopupMenu to the TWebMemo I get an error.

[Error] Unit1.pas(65): Incompatible types: got "TMiletusPopupMenu" expected "TPopupMenu"


  1. The form's PopupMenu is not exposed at TMiletusForm level (nor at TWebForm level). We'll need to check and discuss what are the possibilities for Miletus due to the differences between the supported platforms.
  2. Thank you for reporting this, we'll investigate.
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When do you plan to fix the point 2?

We have still some regression testing to do.

Ok thx for the info, btw I have a question, have I a possibility in Miletus to check if local file exists? The standard Delphi function FileExists is unknown in Miletus.