TAvdWebBrowser Click / Drop

on Click / Mouse Down etc. Events don't fire ??

If I drop a Website (*) on TWebBrowser it opens inside.
TAdvWebBrowser opens a new external Browser to show the Website.

(*) Drag the title of the Website ( padlock symbol )

DOM Manipulation would be nice :wink:

Unfortunately TAdvWebBroser swallows every Event, even TApplicationEvents are skipped.

That's a Problem, because of that all my "workarounds for TWebBrowser" don't work anymore. :frowning:

What's about an "invisible overlay" to intercept the internal events ?

We'll investigate what is going on as soon as possible.


TAdvWebBrowser is a completely new browser architecture based on Edge Chromium. The default component similar to TAdvWebBrowser is TEdgeBrowser in VCL. When dropping an URL on TEdgeBrowser, a new window pops up with the contents of the link, so the behavior is currently identical to the default TEdgeBrowser. TWebBrowser was based on an older deprecated Internet Explorer and cannot be compared with the current implementation unfortunately. There are ways to intercept opening an new window, and launch it inside the webbrowser itself (TadvWebBrowser, New browser starts with readonly Url and no buttons - #2 by Pieter_Scheldeman)

About the intercept of TApplicationEvents, Can you provide a code snippet or sample to demonstrate what is going wrong when using TAdvWebBrowser so we can investigate here if there is a workaround?

You don't need a code snippet to retrace :slight_smile:
It seems that TadvWebBroser had his own Window Handle,
so every TadvWebBroser Event passes by the TApplicationEvent.

A bit strange : Even if you put a TImage in front ( transparent ) no on click Event is fired.

By th way : I can't catch any event from th TadvWebBroser Properties ( onClick, on DoubleClick ... )

With TWebBrowser I catched the mouse events with TApplication Event and FindVCLWindow(Mouse.CursorPos) to get the Control Handle of TWebBrowser.

Aim : Two Webbrowsers in my Application : OnClick -> Swap ( sounds not complicate .. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

We'll see what can be done, because TWebBrowser architecture cannot be compared with TAdvWebBrowser/TEdgeBrowser. It's a complete new architecture and implementation. I suppose TEdgeBrowser has the same issues.