TAdvwebbrowser OnKeyDown OnKeyUp Events not executed

Windows VCL

I want to enable some shortcuts available on the Parentform with KeyPreview, but whenever Advwebbrowser has the focus neither the key Events from the form nor the Events from Tadvwebbrowser are fired - What I'm missing?

Best Regards.

TAdvWebBrowser has it's own window handle and does not link with the form parent unfortunately. This is a technical shortcoming. We'll investigate if there is a workaround.

Ah - Ok. Seems also all Mouse Events / Gestures Events etc also not fired correctly. If it doesnt register the events it might be better to remove the events from the objectinspector as it is a bit confusing otherwise.

As the TAdvWebBrowser inherits from a base class type that already exposes these events this is currently not possible. But it might be possible to hide them via designtime helpers. We'll investigate the possibilities. Thanks for notifying