PopupMenu not work on a Popup form

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I got an issue on displaying TWebPopupMenu on a popup form. Here is what I did to demonstrate this problem:

Step 1: I have a main form, on which I drop a button to it. On button's OnClick event, I created a popup form.

Step 2: On popup form, you will see there is a TWebpanel. After popup form is created, immediately a third form is created on the Twebpanel.

Step 3: On the third form, there is a TWebStringGrid, and a TWebPopupMenu; I assigned TWebPopupMenu to webstringgrid's popupmenu:

WebStringGrid1.PopupMenu := WebPopupMenu1;

Then the problem is : I right clicked the stringgrid and popupmenu did not display. So do you have any tip to solve this issue?

To address this issue, I have attached my demo to this post :
95. PopupMenu.zip (2.9 MB)

That's interesting as I am about to do the same thing. I'll report back.

So on TWebDBGrid there isn't a PopupMenu property.

We've seen this. It was a design-time only issue. You can set it in code for now. In the next update it will be in the Object Inspector.

We applied a fix for this issue. The next update will address this.

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Just would like to confirm, when you say 'applied a fix', is the fix that TWebDBGrid has no PopupMenu property on degisn-time? or is the fix I have demonstrate on my post?

Actually, if you compile attached demo, you will find I can set this PopupMenu property on TWebstringgrid without problem. However, I still can't trigger the popup menu. Could you please give me any tip on this?


A fix is applied for the popup menu in a form in a popup form (i.e. your test app) as well as the design-time property for TWebDBGrid.

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