TWebForm Font.Size and Name do not persist

I have a strange issue with WebForms and their forn settings and I am not sure if am missing something here.

Test case is a plain WebCore application with a blank form and a label on it. No CSS styling, no modifications to the underlying HTML files.

I change the form's default font property from "Segoe UI - Size 9" to "Arial - Size 12". The label on the form, which has ParentFont = true, reflects that change.

Then I close the form and reopen it, the form's font is back to "Segoe UI - Size 9" (and the label reflects that)

Is there some other central setting that influences that? I noticed that TwebForm has ParentFont = true, and apparently, you cannot change that.

I retested this here but I could not reproduce this.
What's different in your project? (5.2 KB)

Your sample shows the same issue. The only apparent difference is that you are using an older Delphi version:

ProjectVersion 18.2 (Delphi 10.2 or 10.3 I believe)

ProjectVersion 19.5 (Delphi 11.3)

Attached is my options/version overview. The XData components are a bit outdated, as I don't use them (yet) on this VM.

I am adding a video link showing how your sample behaves here:

It indeed appears to be a Delphi 11 specific issue.
Not sure why the IDE is doing this. We will investigate.

Thanks for looking into this!

We applied a solution that will be in the next update.

Excellent, thank you!