TAdvOfficeTabSet ignores wordwrap property

Hello all!

I've getting a problem with TAdvOfficeTabSet/TAdvOfficeTabSetOfficeStyler if
TAdvOfficeTabSetOfficeStyler.TabAppearance.Font.Size >= 9.
In this cases the TAdvOfficeTabSet.TabSetTabSettings.WordWrap := FALSE is ignored.
(TAdvOfficeTabSet.TabSetTabSettings.Width := 0)

Default Captions "tSetMatItemTabs1", "tSetMatItemTabs2&quot",... breaks before the numbers
if font size is "9".
If font size set to 10 it breaks before "s" of "...Tabs"".

How I can fix this - is there another property to set I don't see?



Is this at runtime? I could not see such issue here at runtime.

Hello Bruno!

Both: runtime and designtime. sometimes they differ. have a look at:


Additional infos: win 7, XE5, Compo Pack

Can you please check first with the latest version as I cannot see this here.

Can you also check starting from a default TAdvOfficeTabSet? We test here with default settings and then changing the font size.
OK. Here it is:

1) Please drop a TAdvOfficeTabSet on a form,
2) drop a TAdvOfficeTabSetOfficeStyler to the form
3) assign the styler to tabset
4) a) change font size in TAdvOfficeTabSetOfficeStyler to "9" (or above) or
4) a) check  font style bold in TAdvOfficeTabSetOfficeStyler

Hope you can see the same as I ...   ;-)

I see the issue at designtime,at runtime all is fine.

Hello Bruno,

last night I've testet this at my home office with XE5 and D10.3.2 and newest compo pack (under Win 8.1). I got the same result as here at work. What can I check more to locate the problem?
Does it help, if I provide the *.pas/*.dfm files?

Thanks again...

Please verify you have the latest TMS VCL UI Pack v10.0.3.0 installed and no old version files of AdvOfficeTabSet around on your system.
If a problem persists, send a sample source project with which this can be reproduced by email.

After installing UI Pack I've tested again.
Same issue ... BUT  I use always size = 10 in my tests and then and only then this effect appears!
size = 9, or > 10: all is fine!
And another strange thing: changing font other than "Tahoma" and font size = 10 works!
Now testing with D10.3.2. - issue is reproducable...
Sorry again! ;-)
Its getting stranger and stranger. Changing font size programatically, issue appears on size >= 10
independent from font familiy (yes, I use beginUpdate/endUpdate).
It seens tab widths are not recalculated on font chang and tab caption change...

We looked further, could finally reproduce this and have applied a fix.
The next update will address this.

Fine! Thanks a lot! :)

Dear TMS-Team,
thanks for fixing this issue!
Works perfect now. You are the best! :)