Label in TAdvEdit strange behavior

Delphi 10.3.3
TAdvEdit version

Desgntime: = 'Arial'
Form1.Font.Style = fsBold
AdvEdit.Font.Color = clBlack
AdvEdit1.LabelFont.Color = clWhite
In designtime it looks correct.

The AdvEdit.LabelFont.Color changes to clBlack

I have made a very small project that demonstrate the problem

Any hint?

Anders Balslev

Thanks for reporting.
We could trace & solve this issue. The next update will address this.

Apparently - this strange behavior with the font / labelfont comes again on new Delphi / new TMS VCL UI Pack .
Delphi 11.3
TAdvEdit version

Anders Balslev

I cannot reproduce this

I notice the same behavior with advdatetimepicker (D12, VCLUiPack

Cannot be reproduced. (151.1 KB)

As a matter of fact, it was a TDBAdvEdit that was the problem.
But also:
Trop a new TAdvEdit on the form:
Set a label property
Set label font to white
Thereafter - set the font color to blue
Consequense: The label font color also turned into blue.
I'll send the project to you directly

We fixed the issue with labeFont color change at design-time. As far as we saw, it was a design-time only issue.

Hi Bruno
No I faced the issue with the designtime-runtime LabelFont color on the DataAware version of the component (TDBAdvEdit). I sent directly on the mail.

TDBAdvEdit descends from TAdvEdit and introduces nothing new wrt label handling.
You can attach the project here. We have not seen a direct email with your project. (6.9 KB)
It's here

I tested with our latest internal version and cannot see a problem. I changed first the first edit label font color and then the AdvEdit.Font.Color and the correct colors appear both at design-time and runtime.

I suggest to retest when we released TMS VCL UI Pack v13.0.5.0

OK - I'll then test it again with
Maybe it's a setting in the Delphi 11.3 that's wrong.
But on v13.0.4.0 the problem persists on my environment
We may close the ticket for now.