Size/Align problems with WebPageControl

TMS WebCore
Delphi 11

Empty Form, Height = 2000
WebPanel, Align Top
WebPageControl, Align Client

The WebPageControl isn't using the full height of 2000.
Only when I zoom out, the WebPageControl gets more height.

It's happening with WebPageControl.Align = None, too.

And: When i set the color of a WebPageControlSheet it isn't shown in the IDE.

When you start the web project, the form size is determined by the browser window size.
As such, it is normal it might not have a height of 2000 since it is client aligned in a browser window that controls the size. I couldn't see an issue when resizing the browser window.
Test project is (5.3 KB)

Hello Bruno,
my "problem" is that I have a formular with many fields.
When the browser windows is smaller then my WebPageControlSheet, there should by Scrollbars, but the content just went away.

I added a little Video, to show my problem.
2022-02-04 (1.9 MB)

I retested this in a new app with a TWebPageControl but couldn't see an issue here so far.
It would be helpful if you could isolate this and send a sample source project with which we can reproduce this here so we know all settings & code involved, in particular also the HTML in the template that might have an influence too.

Are TWebTabSheets expected to show scrollbars when their contents overflow? I've been adding TWebScrollBox controls to them (and then placing the contents of the TWebTabSheet into that control) in the cases where I need this behaviour.

In a TWebTabSheet itself, there is no autoscroll if contents exceed tab size. You might consider adding a TWebScrollBox there if you need scrolling.