TWebDBGrid and TWebDBNavigator do not work

I have created a simpel testproject
When trying to delete a row i disapear from the program but not from the database
If You restart test.html the row is still there.
What Im I doing wrong

How do you connect to what database?

Drivername: MySQL

It is unclear to me how you can use FDConnection in a TMS WEB Core web client app. Direct Firedac connections out of the web client running in the browser are not possible.
My question is how you connect the TWebDBGrid, TWebDBNavigator to the data.

The FDConection is in the server application

In the test.html I have
TXDataWebConnection that uses the URL
Then a TDataWebDataSet that has entetyset : inkaplayer
whitch is showing in the grid
And then a TWebDataSource
The grid and Navigator are then connected to the datasource

Then I assume it must be a communication issue between TXDataWebDataSet and the backend. I will ask my colleague Wagner to check

Please share your source code, it's hard to guess what's going on just by running the application - which is not working by the way, it says the server returns a 500 erros when trying to connect to the Postgres database.

Have you called Dataset.ApplyUpdates? Otherwise the changes will be only local (browser-side) and will not be propagated to the server.

I understand
I was locking for an event on the navigator but I did not find any
But if I go to the datasource I find an on change event
I hope that this is the place to put dataset.ApplayUpdate ??

Maby its good if the navigator can do this by it self