WebGrid Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'rows')

I get a strange error when displaying a WebDBGrid, WebDBTableControl...
First time I create the page and display content, none error occurs, data from DataSource are well displayed inside WebDB Objects
But when navigation go to another page and then come back to the page with WebDB Object I get an error similar to the one after
WebForm are created with
Application.CreateForm(TFormView__List, 'body',FormView__List, @AfterCreate);

It looks like the WebDB Object isn't existing inside page (Event "FormView__List.destroy" occurs just before, probably fired by Application.CreateForm because none code in webapp calls it)

 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'rows')
    at Object.SetCells (WEBLib.Grids.pas:7959:1)
    at Object.LoadData (WEBLib.DBCtrls.pas:3029:7)
    at Object.ActiveChange (WEBLib.DBCtrls.pas:2866:5)
    at Object.cb (rtl.js:236:1)
    at Object.ActiveChanged (WEBLib.DBCtrls.pas:3181:5)
    at Object.CheckActiveAndEditing (db.pas:7686:5)
    at Object.SetDataSource (db.pas:7908:7)
    at Object.SetDataSource (WEBLib.DBCtrls.pas:3132:12)
    at Object.LoadDFMValues (view.demandes.list.pas:414:35)
    at Object.DoCreate (WEBLib.Forms.pas:2481:3)
SetCells	@	WEBLib.Grids.pas:7959
LoadData	@	WEBLib.DBCtrls.pas:3029
ActiveChange	@	WEBLib.DBCtrls.pas:2866
cb	@	rtl.js:236
ActiveChanged	@	WEBLib.DBCtrls.pas:3181
CheckActiveAndEditing	@	db.pas:7686
SetDataSource	@	db.pas:7908
SetDataSource	@	WEBLib.DBCtrls.pas:3132
LoadDFMValues	@	view.demandes.list.pas:414
DoCreate	@	WEBLib.Forms.pas:2481
Create$5	@	WEBLib.Forms.pas:2635
c.$create	@	rtl.js:332
DoStatusCreate	@	WEBLib.Forms.pas:2877
cb	@	rtl.js:264
load (asynchrone)		
CreateForm$3	@	WEBLib.Forms.pas:2932
CreateForm$2	@	WEBLib.Forms.pas:2840
GoToForm	@	DM_AppControler.pas:210
Link_Menu_Demandes	@	DM_AppControler.pas:347
WebLink_Menu_demandesClick	@	view.user.info.pas:101
cb	@	rtl.js:240
Click	@	WEBLib.Controls.pas:1747
HandleDoClick	@	WEBLib.Controls.pas:3744
cb	@	rtl.js:236

I found a workaround by setting WebDBTableControl.DataSource = nil in design
and set the right DataSource at WebFormCreate event

But display seems slow in this case.

... and Destroy event for WebForm isn't fired like when the DataSource is set.
Very strange.

Can you give more context & details please.
Is there any relationship between this 'other page' and the datasource/dataset you connect with the grid for example?
Other steps/details to know how to reproduce this?
If a problem persists, the most efficient way is to provide a sample source app with which we can reproduce this here to investigate.