TTreeList drawing bug


i using a TTreeList with sub items and columns (separated with ";" in the text).
Images are assigned to node.ImageIndex and node.SelectedIndex.
The bug appears if i expand a entry-> The Image of the expanded item will be drawn additionally in the first Line of the list. See picture.

This don't happen every time, i can't see a logic behind that yet.

Info: The TTreeList is placed on a TAdvPageControl and this is placed on a TAdvPanel.
All double buffered.

Greetings, Andreas

Does changing the setting for DoubleBuffered affect this issue?

The issue also occurs without doublebuffered activated.

Can you isolate this and send a sample source test project + steps with which we can reproduce this here with the latest version of the component?

It took me some time, but now I can reproduce it.
See label on the mainform for instructions. (25.7 KB)

I tested this here but I could not reproduce this.
Recording of the test:

I can reproduce this with 32 and 64 Bit. That's strange...
Could it be the Delphi version? I use 10.4 Update 1.

It could also be a video driver issue.
Can you reproduce this on multiple Windows machines?

I tested it on 3 different computers (all win 10), but completly different hardware. And one of them with deactivated designs.
The issue occurs everywhere.

Do you see the issue with this test app:


Can you record what exact steps you do, as with this test app, you can see in my recording I cannot see a problem.

The file is too big for upload. I have stored it on Youtube.
It's your exe running on my computer.

That is very strange. Doing exactly the same, I cannot reproduce this here.
Did you test this with a standard VCL TTreeView (our TMS TTreeList descends from it) if this is also happening with the standard control?

With the VCL TTreeView there is no issue.
See the Video.

I have attached the source code. (25.7 KB)