AdvCheckedTreeView - Possible Display Bug...

My application uses TAdvCheckedTreeView. On my machine I have an instance that displays some text incorrectly: on a client's machine the same instance gives an "Argument out of range" error.

Here's a video that explains the error:

And here is a link to the source code of the test example.

Hope you can shed some light on the issue!

Thanks - Steve

I should also say I'm using TAdvCheckedTreeView version and Delphi Seattle. The error only shows up in 32 bit mode, not 64 bit mode.

....seen this error in TAdvTreeview in the past under Delphi Berlin. In the last Versions the error is gone.

I've just updated everything. The version of TAdvCheckedTreeView hasn't changed (i.e. and the error is still present. 

We could reproduce this and we're investigating. It appears to be related to the ExpandAll call (not sure why you do this though as in this case there aren't child nodes?)

Thanks Bruno - the "Argument out of Range" error occurred on a 64 bit Windows machine.

Note: in my real application there are child nodes. This was just for illustrative purposes.

I've investigated further. It seems the "expand" commands don't work inside the "BeginUpdate" and "EndUpdate" sections.

In this example I've added child nodes:

The d.expand(true) doesn't work.

I overlooked it but expand/collaps calls should indeed not be within a BeginUpdate/EndUpdate block.