THTMLTreeList Issue

when item is added to empty THTMLTreeList with columns wider than component width (triggering scroll bar to appear), it paints the text in the row thicker (like double paint one or two pixels off).

Adding second row forces repaint and fixes it.

Another issue with column handle in title bar and scroll box: When scroll box is visible and moved from left position, the resize area for columns don't follow the scroll bar and stays at the same position - making it very difficult to resize a column.

I could not reproduce the first issue. Is this the latest version and if so, what operating system & what Delphi version do you use?

About the 2nd problem, I could see this but it appears to be a non-trivial issue with the VCL THeader used internally in the THTMLTreeList. We keep searching for a solution or workaround.
I could not reproduce in the new project either, but in my main project, it is consistent... have no idea why.
This is how it looks:

I use D10.1, Windows 10 inside VMWare
I call list BeginUpdate and EndUpdate.
If I dont call begin/end update in my test project, it will happen when I insert 3rd row.

Another issue related to scroll bar and header, if I scrolled to the right and then added new item, the list is moved to original position but the header stays and it not aligned with columns in the list.

Does changing the setting for DoubleBuffered change the behavior?


I had double buffer true, I changed to false and set parent double buffer off too, still the problem remains.

I made a video capture, you can see it here:

It has obviously something to do with the parent panel scroll bar and only appears when 1st row is added. Second row fixes it as you can see.