TMSFNCStateManager : identifier not found "RemovePair"


i'm trying to use the TMSFNCStateManage component but i can't compile.

The error is [Erreur] WEBLib.TMSFNCStateManager.pas(924): identifier not found "RemovePair"
pr := (oa[J].FParentValue as TJSONObject).RemovePair(oa[J].FValueName);

Thank you.

Is this the latest version of TMS WEB Core you use?

Now i did it but now i have a another error :

[Erreur] Unit1.pas(822): Incompatible types: got "TComponent" expected "TControl"

What is on line 822?

Nothing, it's the end of file.

if i delete the responsiveManager, i have not error.

i tested the solution from

but it's the same.

I retested this here but I cannot see an issue.
Again, are you 100% sure you have a clean setup of the latest TMS WEB Core version, i.e. no old TMS WEB Core version files on your system?

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