TTMSFMXTableView Delete btn caption, Autosize


I am using TTmsFmxTableView as my main component to display list data. I do not know how to resolve following issues:

1) How to change caption of Delete button from "Delete" to a word is in my country?

2) If I set Item property Autosize to True (I need to use Items of different heights), then Loading items is dramatically slow (of cource I use BeginUpdate and EndUpdate). It grows from 0,1 second to 10 seconds for 5 items. Is there any methods to load is faster?

Thanks in advance.

Delphi 10.3.2, Android

  1. You can use the following code to customize this:

procedure TForm1.TMSFMXTableView1ItemCustomize(Sender: TObject;
  AItem: TTMSFMXTableViewItem; AItemShape: TTMSFMXTableViewItemShape;
  AItemControlShape: TControl);
  AItemShape.ShapeDeleteButton.AllowCustomize := True;
  AItemShape.ShapeDeleteButton.Kind := bkDelete;
  AItemShape.ShapeDeleteButton.Text := 'Clear';

2) This really depends on the content of the items. Additionally, all TTMSFMXTableView Items are having a lot of sub elements and this is unfortunately slowing down the creation/calculation of items. The technique that has been used in the TMS FMX UI Pack for styling purposes has been changed dramatically in RAD Studio Rio and every component has a decreased performance due to the use of a TStyleBook. We have already changed this behaviour in the TTMSFNCTableView (FNC version), available in the TMS FNC UI Pack (

Thank you - Delete button problem resolved! 

I do not know what to do: do you recommend to replace TMSFMXPack  to TmsFNCUiPack? Will it be developed instead of TmsFmxPack or faster? What is the difference between them if I plan to build applications for iPhone and Android platforms? 

TMS FNC UI Pack has been built up from the ground and does not use the objects/style copy mechanism that FMX relies on. FNC not only supports FMX, but also WEB, VCL, Lazarus so multiple platforms multiple operating systems. It is also designed to be very flexible (custom events, ...)