TableView does not SCROLL

Hello again

I'm working with Delphi 11.3 and latest of your software, now the TableView component does not scroll, I recorded a video

What happend?

It's unclear from the video what exactly happens. It seems to be some kind of an stuck loop or update count. If you are using BeginUpdate/EndUpdate, are you sure that you are always calling pairs?

Seems you did not see your issues, here's another video, I create a new project, drop a tableview, add like 70 items on design time (NOT runtime) and then I compiled on Win64, it does not scroll the items.

I marked with a red rectangle the scroll that moves but NOT the item list.

We are able to reproduce this here and seems to be an 11.3 specific issue. We are currently looking for the root cause. We were not able to reproduce this here in 11.2

As a workaround please use

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  TMSFMXTableView1.GetListContainer.Align := TAlignLayout.None;

Indeed, it was on Delphi 11.3 as I wrote you 8 days ago.

Once you solved that will you release a new FMX UI Pack version?

For now, please use the workaround, we have yet to determine which side effects there are before we apply a permanent fix.



Workaround just solve the trouble "partially"

Because my App once use the gyroscope and rotate vertically or horizontally the tableview does not align all Client.

So what's the final solution Sir? ... I am still waiting too much for it


I have just recompiled my project on Delphi 11.3 and I also have the same problem with scroll.
I use plenty of TTableView objects in some applications.
The problem with scroll is a critical error of this component and causes, that component can not be used. The component seems to be the most important part in TMS FMX Pack.
The problem was notified about 3 months ago.
Could you write us, when do you plan to share update, which fixes the error?
Thank you in advance!

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Yesterday I downgrade my Delphi from 11.3 to 11.2 in order to use this suite.

I agree that this issue must be solved as soon as possible

We'll investigate this here as soon as possible.

We have applied an improvement, which will be available in the next release. Please be aware that 11.3 introduces a lot of breaking changes related to styling & animations. We will do our best to try and fix / workaround for these issues whilst maintaining backwards compatibility. Note that RAD Studio 12 will not be supported for TMS FMX UI Pack.

You mean TMS solved the issue yes or not?

We've applied a fix in TTMSFMXTableView that is already released.

Thank you for the fix.

I have found the information, that the replacement of TMS FMX UI Pack is TMS FNC Pack. But what about TTMSFMXTableView? I can not see any similar components in FNC. TTMSFNCTableView is completely different. TTMSFNCListBox also is only a simple list without TListView functionality. TListView and its descendants seems to be key components for applications for Android and iOS, where data have to displayed in a list. Do you have plans to provide components similar to TTMSFMXTableView in next releases?

What was the solution?

Why TMS took so long in solve this?

We have plans to add new features to TTMSFNCTableView in future. We cannot give a schedule unfortunately.