Custom swipe on TTMSFXMTableView

Hello, on image above I incorporated 3 new buttons inside rightRectangle, I saw my user interface is overload of objects, so I want to hide this "rightRectangle" area, but I want to swipe left, the same behavior as with your "delete" button.

Can you please point me in the right direction to do this?


Sorry, this is not possible. The right to left swipe gesture is reserved for the buttons.

If I remove the "Delete button" can I put inside my 3 buttons on the rectangle and when I swipe automatically your component thinks is the behavior of delete so do the trick?

Internally, a button is expected, so maybe you could add three buttons inside the delete button instead.

I will try your solution, however I need a width of 90 instead 60 as delete button has right now, I attempt to change width but I can change it why?.... it always preset 60.

I need to change height and width please, if it possible the same as rightRectangle


All these things can be done in the style (right-click on the component and select Edit Custom Style

I tried without success, width always return to other size instead 90. Let me share some screenshoots

That's because of this code:

procedure TTMSFMXTableViewItem.ToggleDeleteButton;
  anim, animopc: TAnimation;
  anim := DeleteAnimation;
  animopc := DeleteOpacityAnimation;
  if Assigned(anim) and Assigned(animopc) then
    anim.Duration := 0.2;
    animopc.Duration := 0.2;
    if FDeleteButton then
      (anim as TFloatAnimation).StopValue := 60;
      (animopc as TFloatAnimation).stopValue := 1;
      (anim as TFloatAnimation).StopValue := 0;
      (animopc as TFloatAnimation).stopValue := 0;

Where the value is set to be 60. Change this value to 90 for testing purposes. Unfortunately this is not exposed as a property.


Where I found this code?

Do I need to change some TMS library?

Inside FMX.TMSTableView.pas

What I mean is, internally inside FMX.TMSTableView.pas, the code forces the rectangle on a specific size (60), please change the code to match it to the required space for your buttons. There is currently no workaround for this. The code I mentioned is posted above.