Replacing FMX UI Pack TableView component for FNC UI Pack


I want to move my old code based mostly on FMX UI Pack into FNC UI Pack, on the image below you will see the use of TableView component for my end users, what's the similar component in FNC UI Pack?

Images above show different uses inside my App, I like FMXTableView because I consider a good looking component, but it's slow when I need to load hundreds of rows (records), I assume the FNCTableView is faster right?

Can you respond my next questions please:

  1. Is it possible to migrate the same looking of FMXTableView into FNCTableView?

  2. On FMXTableView there are itemcustomize events that allows me to do some code, how can I implement the same with FNCTableView?

  3. Categories inside FNCTableView can show light grey rectangles that indicates the group of items inside that category like FMXTableView does?


The TTMSFNCTableView does have similarities to TTMSFMXTableView, but doesn't have the grouping implemented right now. In the same manner as with TTMSFMXTileList, we have already added this on our feature request list and will see if it fits our planning

Concerning to "speed", load 20,000 records into items on FNCTableView will be faster thatn FMXTableView?

The buffer size of the FMXTableView does not exist on FNCTableView?

Yes, it will be faster, using BeginUpdate & EndUpdate.