TTMSFMXRichEditor and subscript / superscript


I have trouble with subscript / superscript in TMSFMXRichEditor!

I try to load from an TTMSFMXHTMLText with TTMSFMXRichEditorMiniHTMLIO or from clipboard.

bold, italic, underline, strikeout, font, etc. are showing ok but subscript / superscript does not.

Please send the exact HTML you use.
If it is using the SUB/SUP tag this should work. If there is CSS involved to use subscript/superscript, this is not supported in mini HTML.

I make some test.

The html is

bold inclinat subliniat  si taiat si acum la putere 100 normal si un indice de 59 iar acum colorat

In TTMSFMXHTMLText I can see subscript / superscript but not in TMSFMXRichEditor!


What is the EXACT HTML code?

<B>bold</B> <I>inclinat</I> <U>subliniat</U> &nbsp;si&nbsp;<S>taiat</S>&nbsp;si&nbsp;<I><FONT color="#C9211E">acum</FONT></I>&nbsp;la&nbsp;putere&nbsp;<sup>100</sup>&nbsp;normal&nbsp;si&nbsp;un&nbsp;indice&nbsp;de&nbsp;<sub>59</sub>&nbsp;iar&nbsp;acum&nbsp;<SPAN style="background-color:#FFFF00;display:inline-block"><FONT color="#000000">colorat</FONT></SPAN>

Thanks for this detail.
It helped us to analyze this issue and find & fix the issue.
The next update will address this.