How to properly import minihtml into TAdvRichEditor

I was trying to add ability for user to select and copy html formatted text, so
I have changed THtmlLabel for TAdvRichEditor in readonly mode.

According to pdf manual I'm doing something like this:
fhtmlIO.RichEditor := fRichEditor;

but with same html
fhtmllabel output looks like this :  https://consulteco.cz/screen/1528996919.png
TAdvRichEditor like this: https://consulteco.cz/screen/1528996485.png

TAdvRichEditor ignores font settings, font sizing etc.
Am I doing something wrong?

Do you set the fonts in the HTMLabel through HTML tags or is default font set via the HTMLabel.Font property? If so, the font setting from the label font property is not imported.

Is it the latest version of the component you're using?

via html property, of course. And with parentfont := false;

something like this:
<FONT size="12" face="Segoe UI"><b>Příloha VI. tab. 3</b></FONT><br>   etc .....

Here is example project with the exactly same html as on pictures
THtmlabel well formatted, but TAdvRicheditor not


Forgot to mention library version: v8.8.9.0 release May 30, 2018

Thanks for this sample project. This helped us to trace & locate the issue.
We have fixed it now and can confirm the next update will address this.