RicheEditor and loading HTML value


I try to add mini HTML text to RichEditor, but I can't see any format like bold, italic, etc.

I add TMSFMXRichEditor and TMSFMXRichEditorMiniHTMLIO on a form and set his RichEditor property of TMSFMXRichEditorMiniHTMLIO to RichEditor.

This simple line of code not give to me a formater text in RichEditor has expected :

TMSFMXRichEditorMiniHTMLIO1.LoadFromString('Test with TMSFMXRichEditor: <B>this text is bold</B> and not this text.');

Can you solve my problem ?


Response to mySelf:

Always check and upgrade to the last version :).
The version of the TTMSFMXRichEditor solve my issue.
Thanks !

Thanks for confirming!