TTMSFMXBitmapContainer disabled


I just installed the latest TMS TableView component (all default) into DelphiXE2 update 4.
When I create a new FireMonkey HD iOS Application then the TTMSFMXBitmapContainer
component is greyed out on the Tool Palette.
It is not greyed out when I am busy with a "normal" FireMonkey HD Application.
When I open the iOS example/demo application then there is a  TTMSFMXBitmapContainer
on the form and I can compile the project and it works.
But when I change something in the iOS demo application (add a button or something else..)
and I try to compile then FMX.TMSBitmapContainer is wrongly added to the uses list
and the project fails to compile.
Is there a solution to this problem? 
best regards,

The TTMSFMXBitmapContainer is only registered for the HD applications, 

unfortunately this is a shortcoming in the IDE that does not allow registering 2 components from different packages with the same component name even if the unit names are different (FMX_TMSBitmapContainer and FMX.TMSBitmapContainer).

For our iOS demo, we have created a converter that converts the HD application to an iOS application which will then be able to compile for iOS. 

If you change something in the iOS project you need to close that project and manually remove the FMX.TMSBitmapContainer unit and reopen the project, it should then compile with the changes made.

We are hoping to find a solution for this issue, but unfortunately there is no solution found yet.

Kind Regards, 
Scheldeman Pieter

I would love to know what the steps are to create a hd project, use the bitmap container and then create an ios compatible project out of it. Can you explain how to do this please?

Thank you


We are currently working on a tool that generates iOS project out of HD projects, please contact us by direct email with a reference to this forum post if you are interested to test this tool on your projects.

Kind Regards, 
Scheldeman Pieter

Good one, I've sent an email. Cheers