TTMSFMXCloudFacebook IOS/Android

Hi guys, the TTMSFMXCloudFacebook component works on iOS / Android ?, I tried the FacebookDemo project but it don't work for me, Other question because in your project Facebookdemo, the IOS device 64 is missing?, IOS Device 32 already is not accepted in app store



Can you please explain exactly what is going wrong?

Please note that the FacebookDemo was specifically designed to run on Windows.
When using the demo on iOS some changes might be required.
Have you tried creating a new Firemonkey application with the TTMSFMXCloudFacebook component to deploy iOS?

Hello, I have a new project, you can download the project in this

, the problem is in the iOS platform, I never received the access
token, I received this message (see photo  ,, can you
explain in PersistTokens the location properties? plDatabase, plInifile,


We are currently investigating this issue and will report back as soon as possible.

We haven't been able to reproduce the reported issue here.
Can you please make sure the Facebook App configuration is correct?

Instructions can be found here:

Hi,  the facebook app configuration is correct, the same project works in android and windows


Hi, I tried with a new facebbok app , the result is the same , can you
give me the information of an app correctly configured?(FacebookAppkey,


Unfortunately we are unable to provide our Key and Secret values.
I have retested with our own Key and Secret and with the ones you provided in your sample application.
Authentication is working as expected.

Note that we have an update for TMS FMX Cloud Pack planned for later this week that contains fixes and improvements for the TTMSFMXCloudFacebook component related to Facebook API changes.
It's possible that the update will fix the issue you are seeing as well.
Can you please retry with the new release after it's released later this week?

Thanks for the help Bart, yes, I wait to the next release, one last question, where can I find information about PersistTokens?
(plDatabase, plInifile, poRegistry)

With PersistTokens you can save access tokens in encrypted form to avoid having to authenticate every time.
plDatabase: load/save tokens in a Database (the database needs to be created manually)

plInifile: load/save tokens in an automatically generated INI file
plRegistry: load/save tokens in the Windows registry

More information about authentication persistence can be found in the PDF manual.

Hello, I try with the new release, I get the same result, Any idea how to solve the problem?

Thank you

Which version of iOS are you using?

Can you please try using a different device and/or different version of iOS?

Hi  Bart, I try with Ipad pro, IOS 11.4.1 component works
with iphone 6 ios 11.2.5 the component does not work


Hi, iphone 5s IOS 11.4.1 component works

iPhone 7 Plus  IOS 12.0.1 component works


This is most likely a compatibility issue in older versions of iOS.
It's recommended to use the most recent version.

Ok, how do I explain this to my client ?, for my this no is a solution, IOS 11.2.5   is not an older version


We'll have to investigate if the problem can be reproduced on iOS 11.2.5 and if there is a solution available.
I'll report back as soon as possible.

Unfortunately there seem to be compatibility issues with some versions of iOS 11.2 and FireMonkey.
As we have no control over this I can only recommend to upgrade to a newer version of iOS where these issue have been resolved.