TTMSFMXBitmapContainer Bitmaps Keep Changing

I use a lot of static white transparent images. These are originally loaded from png's.

After some time, and I have not been able to establish, when this happens. The images gradually become distorted initially with thin gray lines and finally more-or-less fully gray. I am not changing these images myself.

It only seems to affect white transparent images and not all of them are affected.

At first I thought that I was seeing things but this has now happened many times in multiple projects. They are all multi-platform.

Happy New Year and thanks for a great set of components with excellent support.

We have not seen this here yet and we haven't received similar problem reports so far.

What exact Delphi version do you use and on what platform do you see this? Is this a specific operating system where this happens and if so, did you test this on other operating systems?

I am using Berlin 10.1 Update 2 on Windows 7.

I should point out that this is happening at design time.

We haven't encountered issues here so far on the Windows platform. Only on the Android platform we've seen in specific circumstances that the bitmap handle got lost but this isn't image degradation, this was complete loss. Is it only TTMSFMXBitmapContainer bitmaps that are affected? Do you have some way to isolate this and provide some sample source app with which we can reproduce this here?

I compile it for all platforms so am constantly switching between them. I think it is to do with adding amages under different platforms.

I would appreciate if you provide some sample source app & detailed steps to reproduce, otherwise this is unfortunately too vague to look into.

I'll see what I can do.