TTIWAdvTreeView expand/collapse

Hi, is there a way to avoid the collapsing / expanding of the treenodes when clicking them? The standard TIWTreeView has a "ExpandOnItemClick"-property. I'm missing this from the TTIWAdvTreeView. 
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Unfortunately this is currently not supported.
However this is a good suggestion and we'll consider adding support for this feature in a future version.

Hi, since this thread is two year old (and other similar threads go back until 2014(!)) the issue was still not solved in the latest version. I gather you do not plan to solve this in the near future?
Unfortunately it makes the use of the AdvTreeview problematic/impossible in most cases - usually you select something in a treeview to display/edit/whatever... some details elsewhere... There is no use that the treeview is expanding/collapsing with each click and therefore rendered new!
Please consider a fast solution!


As our focus has shifted to TMS WEB Core and TMS FNC products we were unfortunately unable to allocate sufficient development time to address this request.

Please note that there is an OnAsyncItemClick event available if you want to avoid having the treeview re-rendered each time an item is selected. This technique is demonstrated in the TMS IW FeaturesDemo.

Does that mean that the Intraweb components are "AS IS" and no further development ist to be expected? This is bad news since we shelled out €350.- the other day to update our maintenance and got zilch in return. You might consider telling your plans to potential TIW customers - I feel duped!

The components in maintenance and we continue to offer technical supported.
My colleague suggested the same day you asked a question, a solution with OnAsyncItemClick. Have you tried the suggested solution?

We solved this now by setting Node.IsExpanded := true; on every ItemClick event. This unfortunately shifts the whole tree content which is undesirable but seems to be the only solution we could think of.

But let me explain why we are a bit disappointed (not to say desperate) with the IW component pack. We bought the components more than two years ago and invested quite some time to develop a rather complex web application with that. We ran into many problems with TAdvTreeview and TAdvWebGrid and the project was eventually cancelled. After two years I was able to convince my brass to give IW/TMS another try (hoping that in the meantime the components had ripened) and we refreshed our suscription - only to find out that we bought the same issues including the frugal documentation...

While we do understand that IW is not the hottest web technique around OUR focus cannot shift to TMS Web Core and TMS FNC so please understand our slight frustration.


I can fully understand your disappointment from your perspective when you prefer to stick with IntraWeb.
We do efforts to keep offering technical support to customer having developed applications with IntraWeb and do not want to let these customers down. We just do not have plans to add new features and new components but offer technical support and maintenance.
At the same time, we do believe in the long term potential of TMS WEB Core, so this is where we allocate more resources. From our perspective, we unfortunately do not have unlimited resources and have to allocate these resources wisely.