Future VCL plans

Since the release of TMS Web Core I noticed that VCL component development is pretty neglected. Version history of TMS Component Pack is just full of minor fixes, and most of them are:

- Improved : Support for High DPI
- Improved : Per monitor high DPI handling

It is hard for me to find any noticeable feature in last few versions of TMS Component Pack, new components etc. Do you have any plans for VCL for the future or are you still gonna be focused only on Web Core?

Since January 2019, we have never invested more time, resources, development costs into TMS Component Pack. We are in the process of totally revising and already a long way in this process to adapt all our VCL components to work fine with VCL styles and per monitor high DPI support. 
It might not be visible on the surface if you do not use VCL styles nor high DPI, but under the hood, to handle VCL styles and high DPI properly, the adaptions, complexity, test scenarios, ... take up a huge amount of time. We feel it is necessary that our VCL components are first class citizens when Delphi developers use the latest Delphi IDEs and thus work fine in high DPI scenarios and in combination with VCL styles. If you feel the revision work, the improvements, new component features documented here: https://www.tmssoftware.com/doc/tmspck.txt is "neglecting", then this is your opinion, our opinion is the opposite. 
Other than this, even more work is in process with 2 new major VCL components that will be added to TMS Component Pack.

Fwiw, we did more releases in 2019 for TMS Component Pack than we did for TMS WEB Core.

I'll wait for these new components you are developing, but will not
prolong further subscription just for DPI improvements. Regards.