TTIWDBDatePicker not working

TTIWDBDatePicker does not work if the dataset is opened after the form
is created.

The date picker only shows as a label and does not show the currently selected row value
I also have a TIWDBCombobox and a TIWDBEdit and they both work.

There is a GRID, Date Picker, Combobox and Edit control all tied to the same datasource. All the components track properly except the date picker. It alwasy shows as a label.

The Datasouce property is properly set. The EDITABLE opton is TRUE

The opening of the server side dataset occurs on an ASYNC even from a button click on the form

procedure TFrmClients.TimesGridAsyncGotoRow(Sender: TObject;
  EventParams: TStringList; Row: Integer);
   UserSession.QryDetail.sql.text:='SELECT * FROM WAR WHERE WAR_ID = '+UserSession.TimeId;

Unfortunately it's currently not supported in the TIWDBDatePicker to use the control when a dataset is opened through an async event.

Please use a synchronous event instead of an asynchronous event.

We've added this to our todo list to be implemented in a future version.

Can you post a list of the TMS Intraweb controls that DO and DO NOT allow update of their values or states using Async Events.  One of the SELLING points for purchase of the TMS Intraweb components was that they support Async (Ajax) updates.  We are trying to build a web interface using as much async updating as possible to reduce the bandwidth consumption by not re-rending the page each time the user interacts with the controls on the page.

There appears to be minimal documentation on each components property / event usage.  Other than the Grid Developers guild, I have not been able to find much else. 

You'll realize and understand that providing a list of everything you can and can't do for every possible combination of properties that are set from every possible event is a daunting task and is unrealistic to do. Again, we try to offer an as comprehensive & useful async support for most common scenarios. That doesn't mean every possible scenario and never will. These scenarios that make most sense are covered and if you have a specific scenario that is not covered, our team will always consider to investigate if it is feasible to add support for it.

I am confused as it there appears to be no documentation other than the few "How to do this" PDF's that I was able to find via Google. The HELP files that installed as part of the package distribution do not detail the properties or Events of the components and it appears to be a Hit or Miss involving hours to testing to determine how to use or not use a component.  Since this is a somewhat expensive product we paid for, I assumed given the other packages that we purchased from you (TMS Component suite)  that the documentation would be similar in quantity and quality.

I am encouraged by the quick response to my support requests, but  in the long run would it not be cheaper for you to write the documentation once and reduce the need for on-line support questions like mine and others I have read?

In my prior posting, I only asked for a list of the components that DO or DO NOT have support for async usage such as the date picker.  This way I can avoid their usage when appropriate. 

Again, I thank your for the support provided by this forum.