New Version of IW Component Pack ?

New version of TMS IntraWeb Component Pack Pro Script Edition was estimated for 26. Sep 2019 - is there a new release date available ?


Please note that there was no new version released as there have been no changes to the TMS IntraWeb Component Pack since the previous release.
A new release date is currently not decided yet.

I though that compatibility to latest IW version would be available - several posts in this forum stated problems since async handling changed in IW

Unfortunately due to time constraints we haven't been able to allocate development to test TMS IntraWeb Component Pack components against IW 15.1.x.

Can you provide any details on the problem(s) you are facing in using TMS IntraWeb Component Pack in combination with IW 15.1.x to help trace possible issues faster?
While trying to rebuild the issue with TTIWAdvEdit I found that replacing this component with TIWEdit solved the problem in my application.
Thank you.

What exact issue did you experience with TIWAdvEdit?

After executing TIWADVEdit OnAsyncExit
this edit field is display in the left top position of the used
IWRegion - this happens to all TIWADVEdit fields in this region also
if they were not focused and only used in OnAsyncExit event of another
field. -> As I stated before I can not reproduce this in your demo
applications, I only have this in an application that is developed over
more than 2 years. But this happens on all pages using TIWADVEdit
OnAsyncExit Events ... replacing by TIWEdit (with gexperts routine)
components solved this issue

Thank you for informing us about the issue you encountered.

Sorry for busting in on the thread, but I want to know if the latest build of "TMS IntraWeb Component Pack Pro" will run on Delphi 10.3 and IntraWeb 15.1.7.

Regards Martin
I am using Delphi 10.2 and IntraWeb 15.1.7 - work fine in my application. Except TIWADVEdit OnAsyncExit event, here I am using TIWEdit component instead.

Regards Jürgen


There have been breaking changes in the latest couple of IW 15 versions that caused minor issues in TIWAdvEdit and TIWMultiColumnComboBox. We have reached out to Atozed about these issues and are waiting on their response. 
Otherwise we are not aware of any issues with using TMS IntraWeb Component Pack in combination with Delphi 10.3 and IW 15.