IW 14.0.22/ IE 11

When will an update be out that supports this IntraWeb version? Or.... do you know another method of handling Internet Explorer 11 as our sites don't like the browser, and installing IW 14.0.22 starts fighting with TMS IW Components after installing/updating.

We're following the new IW 14 versions that are released and when a next sufficiently stable and tested IntraWeb build is out, we'll release an update for the TMS IntraWeb comoponents.

As IE 11 support was only added in IW 14.0.21 and currently TMS IntraWeb components only support IW 14 up to version 14.0.17 we are unfortunately unable to provide support for IE 11 at this time.

Any idea when that is?  I cannot tell the general public to use a different browser because the combo TMS/IW doesn't support IE 11. They'll go to the competition ...

Granted, I don't come across many, but gradually those numbers will be increasing.

It is on our todolist for this week or the next week.


Okay.... we're a month further and no update....


As soon as we have been able to allocate sufficient time, work on adding support for newer versions of IW 14 (including IE 11 support) for the TMS IntraWeb Component Pack will start.
Unfortunately I can’t provide an exact ETA at this time.

And another month.... Should we ditch TMS and get IW 14 to work? Or is there anytime soon we won't crash because someone wants to buy something on our websites without crashing the servers?

Work on IntraWeb components for IE11 will get top priority after we finishing a current ongoing project. We hope this current project will be finished this week so we can give the IntraWeb update top priority next week.

I am looking forward to some overdue TMS IW updates, I am wasting too much time working on workarounds.