TPLanner, balloon AutoHideDelay not working


I tried to set the AutohideDelay to 5 minutes, but it has no effect.
(I would like the balloon not to hide at all, but I do not see how.)

It always dissapears after 5 seconds.

For testing, I have 3 buttons enable/disable/set 5 minutes

I read in previous posts the re-enable might help, but
no matter when or in what order I execute them, the balloon dissapears after 5 seconds...

button1: Transportplan.Balloon.Enable := false ;

button2 : Transportplan.Balloon.Enable := true ;

button 3:
Transportplan.Balloon.InitialDelay := 5 ; //na 5 miliseconden tonen de eerste keer
Transportplan.Balloon.ReshowDelay := 5 ; //na 5 milliseconden wéér tonen
Transportplan.Balloon.AutoHideDelay := 5*60 * 1000 ; //na 5 minuten verbergen

The "OnItemBalloon" is assigned...

kind regards,

Dirk Janssens/

This seems to be limited to 5000ms (Windows API)